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Top drawing is from last year and the bottom one is from 2017. Maybe I'll do another redraw in 2021? xD

(I'm posting old art, because don't have anything new atm. orz)

My most recent art.

I'm working on a second comic and this guy will be the MC. I tried to color him in different shades of black, so he wouldn't turn into a blob of darkness. xD

Kiyomi with a braid.✨

Here's Kiyomi as a Leo, since that's her zodiac sign (duh). I'm planning to draw other characters as their zodiacs.

My main three OCs are all different fire signs... xD

Scanned lineart + digital coloring.

Sakari and his second biggest love - pizza. xD

Here's some recent-ish drawing of my OC, Kiyomi~

Anyway... I'm making my own webcomic for two years now and here are some of my favorite pages. If you're curious about adventures of my OCs, you can check it out through the link below~!

To the comic!

This is a bigger version of my profile picture. xD

I've learned about this site moments ago and decided to give it a try. Trying to get the hang of things.

Here's a drawing of my OC, Himuri, which is also a first drawing of the year.